Hostel and Accommodation:

  • Standard 1 to college hostel/Accomodation available for Girls only
  • School and HSS boys hostel available
  • No Hostel for college boys

General Code of Conduct of MCHI

  1. Ragging in any form which includes harassment by word, action, gesture, intimidation, coercion, physical or mental insult/assault, teasing etc. which are capable of causing mental/physical stress or moral torture or agony to other students or staff inside/outside the premises of the College or hostel etc. is strictly coming under the word Ragging and is prohibited in the college The college is committed to abolish Ragging in the campus.   Hence, any student who indulges in any form of Ragging will be subject to penal action as per provisions of law. Students and parents shall at the time of admission furnish an Affidavit to the effect that the student shall not indulge in any form of Ragging.
  2. Use of mobile phone Cameras or any other electronic equipment by students is prohibited in the campus without permission. Any violation will lead to disciplinary action as deemed fit will be taken by the College authorities.
  3. Students are required to maintain the buildings and campus clean and the equipment should be handled with care. Any damages to the building or equipment will be made good and the cost recovered from the person responsible.
  4. Students cannot enter classroom or laboratory after the session has started nor will they be allowed to leave the session without the permission of the faculty-in-charge.
  5. Every student will be issued an Identity Card, which must be worn around the neck using the tag provided.
  6. Leave of absence will be granted only on medical grounds. Such leaves will be considered only for the purpose of granting condonation of shortage of attendance.